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Pay For Results

A pay-for-performance based agreement where a customer pays based upon the mutually and clearly spelled out results generated by a specific action or campaign.

The key is that the results should be clearly spelled out, specific and measurable.

General terms like ‘create good PR’ or ‘generate more sales’ are hard results to quantify and would be poor areas for a pay for results campaign.

Better results include ‘having editorial placement during a 45 day span using major print and broadcast media’ or ‘increase sales volume net 18% over the next 180 days.’ This allows each side to know the measuring stick of what needs to be specifically achieved.
Action Steps

  • Look at aspects of your business, figure out where in the marketplace you can find others to perform it and try a pay for results program. 

  • Are their examples of this has been used by other businesses you know that you can use their example?