Package Deals

A package deal is a group of product/service offered at a reduced cost compared to purchasing the items individually.

An easy way to increase your profits and sales is to bundle many products or services together into one package deal. Package deals give people more reasons to buy your products and services.

People realize that package deals are a better value.
Products or services should be closely related.
For example: if you're selling roofing you could add in gutters, gutter toppers, insulation, chimney repair, etc.

For example, a water softner dealer offers free, 800 pounds of water softener salt with the purchase of softner X.

I sell a cordless bandsaw at http://www.Cordless-Bandsaw.com and offer a free cutting station with the purchase of a new Stout Cordless Bandsaw. That's a package deal.

Travel agents offer package deals all the time. Typically they include a flight, transportation to and from destination hotel, the hotel and many times they throw in additional excursions to sweeten the package deal.

There are hundreds sources where you can find products and services to put together package deals.

You can buy them from wholesalers or drop shippers. You can buy the reproduction/resell rights to other people's products.

Many times teaming up with your competition to create a package deal.
You could joint venture or cross promotion deal with other businesses.

You could also create your own products and services. Be creative

How come you haven't added packaging deals to your advertising plans yet?