Outdoor Billboards

Outdoor billboards are huge advertisements along roads and highways that promote companies, goods and services.

This is a great way to advertise your brand to a large number of consumers from one location.

Effective billboards are located on busy streets and highways and positioned in such a way that there are clear sightlines for travelers. Your ad on a billboard must be visible from a distance.

The beauty of billboard ads for a small company is that you create the image of a large established company – with a sharp design and meaningful message, your business can look as large as a national chain.

If you want to consider billboard advertising, choose your locations carefully.

Drive by to see sightlines, traffic flow, etc. Once you find billboards you like, look at the bottom of the board for the name of the company that owns it. Call them and ask about availability, monthly cost, etc.

Once you purchase a board, decide what your message will be. A rule of thumb: your ad must be eye-catching with limited text. Your reader is moving at 70mph, so keep it impactful, yet simple.

What is your product?

Why they should have it?

Where can they get it?

Your consumer must get this message immediately. 

Make it concise with 8 to 10 words or less. Today’s technology has also created digital billboards. This allows more than one company/ad to share one billboard as the message changes like a computer screen every few seconds. This reduces each company’s cost for their ad and also allows you to change your ad easily and more frequently (versus new paint or vinyl each time a billboard is changed).

Budget: $500 - $2000 design, $600 - $2500/month billboard rental