Internet Marketing


Outbound Links

An outbound link is any link from one document to another document.
Outbound links are created using text links or images.

While some people worry about adding external links to their websites, if done properly, outbound links can offer a boost on the search engine results page.

This worry is understandable but it underestimates the intelligence of visitors. They know there are other resources on the web and will almost certainly be looking for them. If you help them, they're going to spend less time on search engines where they really could get diverted. By providing relevant resources you help to keep them focused and increase rather than decrease the relevance of your site.

Having said that it would be foolish to link directly to competitors so who (and what) should you link to?

You should link to:

  • Specific documents
  • Online magazines
  • Communities
  • Specific functions such as currency converters.

Reciprocal links should only be given where there is clear relevance. Avoid links just for links sake

When placing outbound links, only place links that will send visitors to reputable, authoritative sites.

Be picky when placing outbound links, and be positive that none of the links you place are broken.

Publishing links to external sites is an essential part of a linking strategy. You should provide links the will be of real benefit to your users. The logic is that if you provide valuable links, you establish your site as a valuable resource and users will be more likely to bookmark it and return.

Budget: $100 - $300 monthly