Public Relations


Open House

An open house is a simple, yet very effective way to bring highly target clients and future clients into your place of business and see what you do.

Retailers have been using open houses and grand openings for ages, and every type of business should do essentially the same thing.

If you are a CPA with an assistant and are newly open for business, an open house is a must in your marketing plan. Set a date and time (since you are primarily targeting businesses, make the time convenient, say 4:00pm to 7:00pm), get a list of your target clients, have a professional invitation done, etc.

Have food and beverages available (wine/beer is a good idea if you are ok with that, but avoid liquor), decorate tastefully, put on your smile and prepare to meet your future clients.

Here is the key thing – make sure you have your valuable information, including marketing materials ready and available – website, brochure, business cards – and even a small giveaway like ink pens or calendars with your logo, etc. on them. You might also think about giving out report, guides and white papers to educate more about the benefits of doing business with you and your firm.

Let your guests know who you are, what you do and why you started your business. Make sure they take your card and information with them. Just relax and enjoy their company and they will do the same.

Keep it casual, not hard sales pitches, again, it's all about building relationships. Plus keep in mind that even if you don't end up doing business with the people you invite, when you create a positive image, they will tell their friends, family and collegues about what you have to offer.

An open house provides an excellent opportunity to grow your business and gain recognition, but those aren't the only benefits. As busy business owners, many times we have few precious casual moments with our clients during the day. An open house gives you the chance to have some fun, reveal your personality and make new and prospective clients feel at home and get to know you better.

Budget: $250 - $650 per month Or $500 - $4,500 per event

Sample Budget for an open house

Invitees: 3,000

Expected attendance: 150 (5%)

Food & beverages

Vegetable tray


Fruit tray


Small sandwiches




Cheese and meat trays


Hot appetizers




Coffee and tea


Cups, plates, utensils and napkins


Miscellaneous expenses

Balloons and flowers


Newspaper advertisements


Flyer advertisements




Folding tables





Water bottles

$55 (100 @ $0.55/each)

Magnetic business cards

$125 (500 @ $0.25/each)


$70 (1,000 @ $0.07/each)