Social Media Marketing


Online Voice

Your voice online Social media enables you to extend your voice by increasing your reach across the Internet, and doing that in the way that suits you best.

You can write - or if you are a visual person you can upload photos or video images and invite poeple to comment.

If you prefer talking, technology today makes it easy to use Voice over IP, or perhaps record and upload a podcast, capture interviews and events on video.

Your voice can be focussed on your blog ... or be available on other sites through your commenting, linking and use of social media websites.

Use your voice to spread your personality, add valuble knowledge to the world and build relationships in the Internet. These relationships will get stronger and become viral when you, your ideas and the value you bring is passed on to friends, collegues and family of the people you build relationships with.

Spreading your voice online takes time and by adding this tactic to your marketing plans is a wise ideas because if you dont' plan it with a goal in mind, it will never happen.

Budget: $25 - $100 daily