Social Media Marketing


Online Presence

Online Presence has (at least) two aspects. One is whether you show up when someone does a search on your name, company name or brand names.

This can enclude social media sites, news stories, posts to others blogs and any other online activity. 

The second is whether you use tools that show you are available for contact by instant messaging, voice over IP, or other synchronous methods of communication. 

Let's face the facts. You have no choice but to Marketing on the Internet. It's almost a must in today's world. You can't ignore the fact that online marketing is now a multi-billion-dollar business. Those businesses without an online presence are missing out on a goldmine of potential of world wide clients, customers and opportunities.

Having an Online Presence give your niche products and service the chance to be found faster. It's low cost and avialable 24/7. You can reach a local as well as a global prospect target. It let's you test your marketing messages fast with almost instant feedback. The intreactivity is priceless getting feedback from people you would not normally get to talk with.

Work on expanding your online presence as part of your Internet marketing and social media  marketing plans,

Budget:  $100 - $500 a week