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Everything in business comes down to offers.
A Quid Pro Quo. You give me this and I’ll give you that.

An effective marketing offer combines a problem that prospects’ are concerned about so they read further to discover the solution you provide and than the offer that’s included motivates prospects to take appropriate action and/or make a purchase.

A good offer combines right solution at the right time for a right price to the right person. A strong offer has almost a seductive effect on the consumer. It makes sense to them in some way, whether or not that is in fact true.

Learn how to recognize what other offers are and take that knowledge when devising your offers. 


  • What was something I recently purchased because of the offer? 
    Would I make the purchase if I had it over to do again?

  • What offers do others in my industry use? 

  • Are the offers we use based on logic, hype, showmanship, fear or lack?

  • Am I testing my offers to see which one's have a stronger result?

  • What can I add to sweeten the offer? Bonuses. Freebies. Financing

Your offer needs to be something that your target market wants and needs. You wouldn't use a worm to catch a whale or a safety pin to catch a trout.

Here are a few way to bump up your offers:

  • Free high percieved value bonuses
  • Two for ones. Four for threes
  • Free trial
  • Payment plans
  • Guarantees and double guarantees
  • Exclusive Sales
  • Free training
  • Free reports, book and information
  • Free memberships
  • Free initial consultation
  • Urgency Premiums

What can you do to create an offer that your future client would ber crazy to refuse?

And, we've added Offers to almost every marketing plan template becasue it's that important

Budget: $150 - $250 month