Public Relations


Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles are powerful as a marketing tool for your company.

You will need something of particular interest – a hook, unique story or valuable informaion – for the newspaper to have an interest in your company.

Typically this is done on a local or regional level, but can certainly apply to national papers for the right company (see magazine articles). Local or regional newspapers typically have a business section at some point during the week (if a daily publication).

Contact the publication and locate the person responsible for that section and pitch your story. Do they use free-lance writers? Find out who they are and contact them also.

If your customers are other businesses and have a business paper in your community, contact them also. If you don’t success at first, keep trying. Keep those contacts updated on your company’s progress and continue to talk to them. The relationship you develop will eventually lead to a feature on your company.

Keep building your relationships with newspapers, as they get to know you, your toughts, ideas and style. Build to become the go to expert on your subject and the newspaper contacts will come to your for content to fill their pages.

Budget: $150 - $750 per month