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In a classic definition, a network are structures defined by groups and the connections between them.

In social networks the groups are people who are members of the network, and the connections are the relationships that they have.

Networking is the activity by which you develop and strengthen those relationships.
Networking is rarly a quick sale experience.

It's the start of relationship building. Getting to know and trust one another before being introduced to other people.

In the past several years, some networks have thrived, some vanished, while hundreds of new ones appeared. It has become a huge area to keep an eye on and use in your marketing plans.

Why? Because the use of social media as a business tool is becoming an important component of any well balanced marketing plan. An interesting question is whether any of the popular social networking sites can assist a business in getting better search engine rankings and more traffic and converson.

If you have a valuable message to get across that has mass appeal then maybe these sites can benefit your overall business and advertising plans.

But, using these sites to bombard people with your sales message just to get people to buy your products or services will ultimately end up ignored and piss people off.

Most social media networking sites can, if used correctly, generate huge amounts of traffic directly to your website and blogs. They can also assist your business in being recognized as a valuable source of knowledge in your industry.

Social networking sites can really help in your website optimization campaign. Be sure to use them properly and you'll see what it can do for your site.

Knowing the many benefits that these social networking sites can provide, you will surely agree that social networking should be included when you are creating a new advertising and marketing plan because of the additional web traffic it can generate. More improtantly because of the credibility you can build by providing valuable information that people want and need.

Budget: $250 - $500 a month

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