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We will define networking is the act of creating interpersonal relationships between two parties for the purpose of either business-to-business relationships or business-to-business support in pursuing opportunities. In networking, one should strive for quid pro quo between the parties.

Action Steps

  • Figure out how to help others without immediately asking them to help you. This is the golden key to networking nirvana.

  • Find ways to put people together whom you think would enjoy or at least benefit each other. They're likely to return the favor.

  • Inventory your existing network. How many people on your list are mere acquaintances? How many would immediately take your phone call? Concentrate on moving pertinent people

  • Arrange third-party introductions whenever possible when you target someone new to meet. This doesn't have to be an in-person introduction, which could be an imposition. Often just a brief e-mail message--explaining who you are and what common ground you might share--will plant the seed.

  • Research groups such as BNI, Chamber of Commerce, BRAG or other local networking functions.

  • Join online social networking sites such as LinkedIn.com, Facebook.com and MySpace.com.

  • Be present at Trade shows – these are a great place where your future clients like to go.

  • Become a member of local and regional chambers of commerce, organizations and trade associations where future clients also hang out.

  • Attend fundraising events and community enrichment events. These are often loaded with executives who are ready to meet new businesses to do businesses with.

 Budget: $75 - $350 monthly