Name Tags

Name tags are just that - your name and company name worn on your person to identify who you are.

Networking your company on a local, regional or national level is key to growth. A high-end, customized name tag is the perfect way to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

While this seems like a little detail, it is one that is overlooked so often that paying attention to it can make a big difference.

Why wear a hand-written, stick-on tag that says “I’m not really professional enough to be taken seriously.” For a few bucks, you can have a customized name tag in the shape of your logo or any shape/color you want, with any clasp system that suits you best. It is well worth the time and money that lets the world know your business is in it for the long haul.

And, how many times have you taken a client out to lunch and the waitress/waiter was wearing a name tag. Or, at the hardware store, the casino, the movie theater. How about a grocery store, a cop or a door man. They all wear a name tag for a reason. Credibility and recognition. Plan on wearing a name tag as part of this business plan

Budget: $20 - $50 per tag including design