Moving Billboards

A moving billboard takes your message to your audience in a big, bold way.

This is a popular form of branding your company or products to consumers.

If you are in a highly populated area with a large concentration of your target audience (a big and bustling urban area), you may want to consider a high impact ad on a mobile billboard truck. This is a truck converted into a full-sized billboard.

Its only purpose is to advertise a product or service by taking the ad directly to the intended audience repeatedly due to its mobility.

Your ad will have visibility and impact.

You can target your audience carefully and efficiently due the low CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Another form of moving billboards are huge graphic ads on the side of 24’ to 53’ transport trailers. Your ad message is affixed in full color, high resolution vinyl to the side of these trucks as they travel across the country.

Budget: Transport Trailers - $1000 - $2000 to create, $500 - $1200 printing, $500 - $800/mo. on truck usage

Mobile Billboard - same as above to create and print, $1000 - $10000 on truck usage