Movie Theater Commercials

Utilizing cinema, the movie theater to advertise your products or services can be a very effective method of reaching your target audience and increasing your sales.

Cinema advertising also called Movie Marketing is popular because you really have a digital billboard with a captive audience and no remote swiching channels!

Best of all, you can display your message on a local, regional or national scale.

This method of branding your company or products can be very effective. It is typically used to reach a consumer audience.

Movie metroplexes are extremely popular destinations for most demographic groups, making in theater ads an option that is quickly gaining popularity in marketing mixes. 

According to Advertising Age Magazine, advertisers are beginning to pour their ad budgets into this format — especially with the ever-increasing ability of consumers to fast forward through their TiVo'd and DVR'd entertainment selections at home.  It's one of the ways brands are adapting to the changing advertising landscape.

While measuring specific results from this media is not an exact science, you can create offers based on whether a purchase was the direct result of seeing the ad. For example, you could add an exttension to your phone number as a tracking device.

Plan on contacting a marketing company that specializes in this type of media if you want to consider cinema and movie advertising.

Budget: $1,000 - $5,000 monthly