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Message Boards Posting

A message board is a location which messages may be posted, either online or offline especially one in a public space.

Typically a message board is a system in which people may send, read and reply to messages. You can use message boards to market your products/services in a few different wasy.

One is to post messages as a way to distribute educational information. People love free information and education. Always include a signature block at the end of your post which includes an offer to get people to seek more information from you.

The second way to take advantage of a message board is to answers peoples questions or comment on others posts. Again, always end with your signature block. Now be careful, blatant promotion will get you banned from many messages boards.

However, leaving valuable information builds your credibility, adding to your expert status.

Include posting to messages boards and part of your advertsing, PR and marketing plans .

Typically I advise my clients to budget about 2-3 hours a week. Depending on what you hourly rate is it could be between $100 - $200 a week.

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