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Memberships are paid relationships between an organization and its customer base for expressed and assumed mutual benefit. Through this payment, it is reasonable and customary that the member assumes that he will receive unique, specific or communal benefits for a prescribed time period.

The benefits to an organization include a documented and managed roster of its primary customers, the ability to market products and services directly to them and the perception of a unique status not commonly afforded the public in general.

A drawback to memberships is that when the cost of the membership is greater than the perceived value that the member receives. Memberships must always be proactively marketed, since there is a degree of turnover or churn associated with membership in any group.

Membership can also be perceived as a contract between you and others, and you are expected to fulfill your portion of the agreement.

  • Does the business model under which I am operating lend itself to memberships?

  • If so, what are the benefits I may offer and the benefits one would want to receive?

  • Am I ready to dedicate time, resources and energy towards maintaining a membership relationship?

Budget: $100 - $1,000 monthly