Social Media Marketing


Media Sites

Media Sites - From videos to photographs, the ability to produce and promote one's self on line is quite historic.

If you want to create self directed movies or post pictures of users in action with your solution, the internet is ripe with landing places for this and more creative content.

You can by-pass the traditional media portals and use media sites to direct interested parties on where to find out directly about your ideas and solutions.

The ability to get users to look at your site is often called the 'buzz" about it - and content including clips or pictures which have a lot of buzz are often picked up quickly by other sites and other media sources. 

Plan on creating media that goes viral, starts a "buzz" and is distributed to hundreds or thousands of media sites. Use media sites for marketing your products, services and ideas to a mass audiance. You'll be rewarded for your time and effort creating the media to be delivered.

Here is a list of the 50 top Media Sites that bloggers like to view and be part of:

  1. YouTube
  2. New York Times
  3. BBC News
  5. MSN
  7. Washington Post
  8. Yahoo! News
  9. Reuters
  10. Los Angeles Times
  12. MSNBC
  13. The Wall Street Journal
  14. Time
  15. Wired
  16. USA Today
  18. FOX News
  19. Daily Mail
  20. ESPN
  21. CBS News
  22. Financial Times
  23. Forbes
  24. San Francisco Chronicle
  25. Chicago Tribune
  26. The White House
  27. New York Post
  28. New York Daily News
  29. International Herald Tribune
  30. PBS
  32. BusinessWeek
  33. Slate
  34. Newsweek
  35. New York Magazine
  38. San Francisco Examiner
  39. MarketWatch
  40. Chicago Sun-Times
  41. US News & World Report
  42. Houston Chronicle
  43. Yahoo! Sports
  44. Entertainment Weekly
  45. Seattle Times
  46. E! Online
  47. People
  48. Science Daily
  50. The Christian Science Monitor


Budget: $250 - $1,000 for media content development.