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Marketing Tracking Systems

A tracking system is systems set up to monitor progress, compile information, and keep goals on track. It’s important to know which marketing campaigns work and which programs do not pay for themselves.

That said, it is important to set up tracking a tracking system and tracking logs for each marketing effort.

It is even more important to train your staff so that they will know how to log the coding you use to track your marketing effort. Finally, use the data in your logs to determine which marketing efforts produce the best response and are the most profitable.

You should then expand your targeted marketing to other niche mar¬kets or geographic target areas after (and only after) you know which marketing efforts are working.

Direct marketing experts know how to track marketing campaigns and offer valuable techniques. Many track using key codes, who received which promotion and whether that individual ordered, paid, and/or ordered again.

A limited amount of tracking is possible in advertising, such as monitoring changes in product sales volumes following an advertising campaign, but the advertiser is not able to clearly and definitely attribute those changes to the advertising campaign.

When will your and your business add a marketing tracking system to your advertsing and marketing plans?