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Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a documented program or plan to achieve the sales and marketing goals of a business or organization.

Traditionally, a marketing plan outlines what efforts and resources an organization will use and what the perceived outcomes for these will be.

Through a marketing plan, a business communicates it's goals, objectives, strategies and resources to those internally involved in this process as well as externally, such as vendors, suppliers and resources.

Congratulations, you are here and creating your markeing plan.

Why the congrats?

Because many small to medium businesses often do not have formal marketing plans. They may use changes in conditions or perceptions of the marketplace in order to implement programs or plans. Others feel that the simplicity what they do and how they do it doesn’t require formal documentation. 

This is like traveling a road without a navigational tool, such as a map or GPS. In running an operation, our vision of the specific goals and objectives can be clouded by the administrative and operational needs of our organization.

One of the great advantages of planned marketing is that there is a base line against which to measure our activity as well as our progress towards our goals and objectives.

A good marketing plan is similar to a GPS unit because it can serve to keep us on track as well as alert us when we are heading in a faulty direction.

Of course, it is a guidance tool and our eyes, ears and intuition are also important parts of the guidance system.

  • If I were to visualize how my business would run profitably and effectively, how would this work?

  • What supporting steps would need to be taken to achieve these goals?

  • To break these down into tasks and regular activities, what would these look like and how would I accomplish them.

  • What tasks would require the aid of others, both inside and outside the organization?

 Budget 19.97 or 29.97 monthly