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Marketing Insight

Next time you think you've got an insight, check it against this definition:

  An insight is a fresh and unexpected perspective. "It gets the following reaction from those involved: 'Wow, yes, you're right.' I'd never thought of it like that before, but you're absolutely right. You really understand what's going on here."

Achieving that kind of reaction is not easy. It means you have to think of something that no one has thought of before. Or, more accurately, that no one else in your market has thought of before.

It requires that you look at things differently. For that reason, most of the great sources of 'insight inspiration' are from outside of your category, and often outside of your (geographic) marketplace.

Insight and valuable information from leading and emerging market researchers, commentators, experts and strategists in order to make more effective decisions.

Often, the day-to-day activity of managing a business prevents one from seeing a broader perspective. Shifts in all aspects of a business’ activity occur. From global trends to local outcomes, the ability to see such shifts and react is often the key to successful marketing and management.

Every business professional should have access to keen marketing insight from trusted sources to help them make strategic and sound decisions.

Marketing Insight is not to be confused with opinions. Everyone in an organization, everyone watching an organization and many people aware of an organization all have opinions.

While few of us will ever have the view of a Fortune 50 CEO, most people have ideas on how they should run their companies. 


  • What sorts of factors, trends, conditions and aspects of how I market my business do I need to be aware?
  • Who are thought leaders in my industry as well as for marketing in general?
  • What insights, ideas and actions can thought leaders recommend that I feel would benefit me, my company or my products and services.

Budget: $250 - $750 monthly