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Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar setup for your business to plan, list, document and track steps in the marketing process used to promote and generate leads and sales for the business. Often, activities and events are tied to the traditional calendar or leading up to those events.

If you’ve ever looked at the calendar and noticed a holiday or event was fast approaching and nothing was done for it, you now clearly understand the need and the effective use of a marketing calendar. However, most business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing executives either do not use one or use one unsuccessfully.

If you need an example of how this is done right, think about all the holiday/end of year mailers, offers and promotional pushes you know about in the end of the fourth quarter.

To successfully receive these takes more lead time than deciding to act two weeks before Thanksgiving (even though some people will do this.)


  • What seasonal or aspects of our business tied to the calendar do we need to work with each year?
  • What sort of calendar does others in our industry follow?
  • How do I organize the various tasks necessary to achieve the sales and marketing outcome I desire?

Budget: $19.97 or 29.97 monthly for Fast Marketing Plan