Magazine Ads

In this age of digital media, Magazine Ad numbers continue to drop. Many industries are best served with digital information. The information is timely, immediate and results are measurable.

However, there are certainly situations where magazine advertising is effective. First consider your target audience. In your specific industry, where do your customers gather their information and how does it affect their buying habits?

Let’s look at the food industry for example. If you are selling high-end food industry products on a national scale, magazines like Bon Apetite may be the perfect place to showcase your products.

People still enjoy flipping through a high-end magazine that is colorful and engaging.

Things you must consider before adding magazine advertising to your marketing plans:
repetition – you must have a consistent presence issue after issue, planning – magazines sell ads weeks or months in advance, cost – magazine ads are not cheap so make sure this is your audience,
measurability – your return from this type of advertising is difficult to measure directly.

Budget: Depending on the distribution of Publication and size of ad: $500 - $30,000 per month