A logo is a recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol, or other device for identifying an organization.

Also called logotype, it is affixed, included, or printed on all advertising, buildings, communications, literature, products, stationery, and vehicles. Not to be confused with a brand, which identifies a product or family of products.

A logo is the shortest and most precise form to express the individuality, judgment, image and intention of a person or a company.

You'll want to create a logo to help:

  1. Attract more clients. Some clients look for a well-defined company, and "look and feel" may be one of their criteria for making a purchasing decision.
  2. Brand yourself. If you are a consultant, you need a logo in order to build an image and a brand that is greater than your individual identity.
  3. Explain your company name. If your company name contains a little-known word or an acronym, the logo can give visual clues to its meaning.
  4. Stand out in your field. A well-designed logo and an identity system can put you far above the competition, especially when paired with a strong marketing program.
  5. Show your commitment. Do it for the sense of personal pride that it will add to your practice.

A logo design sould be included in any new business advertising and marketing plan.

How to choose a logo for your business:

  1. Give some thought to what you want your business to represent in terms of quality, creativity, and value.
  2. Check out your competition. What type of logos are they using? You don't want to be similar or your logo will not differentiate you from them.
  3. Colors and shapes need to be evaluated. Are there any that would provide negative or positive effects in your industry?
  4. Locate one (or more) good graphic artists.
  5. Providing them with the information about your business, its name, and any other relevant information, contract with them to design you a number of possible logos.
  6. Test market the logos with family, friends, and potential clients.
  7. Ask the graphic artist to revise the logo based on the input you have received.
  8. Test market and revise one more time.
  9. If desired, trademark the logo.
  10. Have your letterhead, business cards, signs and packaging printed!

Logo Tips:

  1. Always add the name of the business under the logo. That helps customers in associating it with your business.
  2. Logos do not necessarily need be a graphic icon. Graphically customizing your business name can also be quite effective.
  3. When using a graphic designer, be certain to acquire all legal rights for present and future use.

Budget: $500 - $2,500 one time