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What Every Local Business Should Know About Search Engine Marketing to Explode Their Business

No matter how profitable and successful a local business is, building that business into a prosperous, lucrative internet force will require a good deal of advertising and marketing. Even if your business is the largest of its type in the state, that is small potatoes on the much larger and global scale of the internet.

Any company wanting to make the leap to the internet world must learn about and utilize search engine marketing if they want their online business to be as successful as their offline one.

Many businesses will, of course, hire web designers and webmasters and other online specialists to help them get started on the internet. Even so, the business will need to know the techniques of search engine marketing (SEM) so that they will understand what must to be done in order to explode their online presence.

SEM Starts with Keywords (see SEM)

The most important part of a search engine marketing plan is to figure out the keywords for the business. These cannot simply be plucked out of the air; instead, they must be researched. There are websites that can help a person to determine the best keywords to use for any website. Two of these sites include and

The basic idea in choosing keywords for SEM isn't complicated. It involves selecting phrases or words that fit both your business and how customers search online for matters relating to your business. For example, let's say your company sells organic dog and cat treats and food. Keywords for your website may be 'organic,' 'dog treat,' 'organic dog food,' 'cat treats,' 'organic pet food,' 'pet food,' 'dog food,' 'organic cat treats,' or many other variations of number of other possibilities. By using one of the websites listed above, businesses can determine how consumers look for these products most often by plugging in the possible different keyword options.

After finding the keywords that are searched for most often, businesses will know which terms to use as keywords for the website. This will be extremely important when building the website because keywords are the foundation of many SEM strategies.

Using Keywords Effectively

There are many ways in which keywords can and should be built into a company website. A few of these are very important, however:

- Domain name: It is essential to use keywords in the domain name because this is what search engines look at. Using the example above, the domain name should be something like ''

- Homepage title and copy: The domain name should be used as the title on the website homepage. In addition, the keywords should be used in a section of writing on the homepage. This will help to tell all the different search engines what the website is about.

- Make each page about a different keyword: This will help to build up more content and to get more of the company's pages ranked higher in google and also, other search engines for more keywords.

There are more SEM techniques, of course-these are just the basics to get a business on its way to success in the online world.

Budget: $100 - $350 monthly


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