Public Relations


Local Event Tie-Ins

Local events still have among the best returns on investment as far as a source of new leads and customers in your local market.

Planning is necessary to ensure that you are at the right events and helps you avoid shows that don’t perform well.

Planning also ensures that your key objectives for the show are being met.

Select a local event that is popular and well attended.

Contact the appropriate people running the event and inquire about support and sponsorship.

This is especially beneficial if you are selling locally and can advertise as a sponsor and at the event itself (such as a tent display).

Your role at the event may not be directly selling your product or service, but rather helping run the pieces of the event. You may bring volunteers from your staff to do this and just being there and part of the event creates positive exposure for your company.

Put together an advance budget for the local event.

There are a number of expenses that must be considered from electrical hook up to promotion.

Before the local event have a staff meeting and help your sales staff outline their goals for the event.

After the event you’ve got your leads.
Make sure you have a plan to follow up immediately on all leads at least three times.
Plus, send a thank you card then follow up by phone.
And most importantly, you must input all lead information into a lead tracking system or database.

Budget: $250 - $1,000 per month