Lawn Signs

Lawn Signs sometimes called bandit signs or yard signs, mostly used by real estate agents and home improvement companies are a proven marketing tactic.

Lawn signs, if appropriate for your business are some of the best dollar for dollar marketing you can do. Placement of your message in strategic, high visibility locations will generate leads and client for your business!

Use lawn signs to advertise a special event you are promoting, a grand opening and announcing a special sale. Use directional lawn signs to guide people to your open house, to a new roof you just installed or to your dating website.

Keep your lawn signs short and specific. Tell the reader exactly what to do. Call Now. Go to Website Now. Etc...

Every business can benefit from using lawn signs, a cost-effective way to promote your product and services to a large group of people. With the help of lawn signs, you can target a specific demographic by placing the movable signs in specific locations. Lawn signs are inexpensive and reusable, so they are truly a quality investment for any business sector. You can design your lawn signs with company logos, unique slogans, or a custom graphic that suits your style and services.

you should give careful consideration to where you will place the signs. You can place lawn signs directly in front of your business, or even attach them to your building. You could display them on a pole or stick them in grassy areas.

Ideally, stop lights are great locations for lawn signs. If there is a place to legally advertise with lawn signs near any busy intersection, take advantage of the opportunity. You could also give your loyal customers lawn signs to display in their yards.

If your business needs a boost, add some lawn signs to your marketing plans and spread the word about your products and services. You might be surprised at how much attention you get.

Lastly, when it comes to signs, size does matter. But just make sure that the size that you adhere to can still be practical for the front yard. Obviously, you can't put up a billboard-size sign on your lawn without approval from your local city officials or home owners association.

Budget: $100 - $500 quarterly