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Keyword Tag (keyword metatag)

Keyword metatag is one of the meta tags on a web page.

Along with the Title Tag and Description tag the keyword tag tells the search engine spiders what a web page is about, The rest of the information is provided by page content and internal and external links.


The KEYWORD meta tag allows you to provide additional text for the search engine crawler to index along with the HTML body content. The KEYWORD meta tag can be used to specify additional key words or synonyms that describe the contents of a site. KEYWORD meta tags are used in the indexing process but will not display on the web page.

Note: The Keyword tag must be written in the same language as the document, that is, it must be localized.

Editorial Considerations

Some rules around keywords include:

  • Do not "copy and paste": all keywords should be contextually relevant for the body of the page and should not be duplicated across other pages.

  • Do not use too many keywords--keywords start to diminish in importance the more that you have.

  • Do not use keywords on multi-page documents unless they are tailored to each individual page

  • Localize your keywords--they should be in the same language as the document, except for Product names and terms which are not translated.

  • Use the KEYWORD tag:
    • For synonyms and alternate spellings of important words
    • For acronyms and terms that don't otherwise appear on the page
    • To associate old product names with new product names

When to Use

Keywords should be used judiciously--if you are unsure whether or not to use keywords, they use them sparingly

KEYWORD Tag Format

<meta name="keywords" content="solaris, malloc, multithread, multiprocessor, heap">

Keywords Meta Tags should be an important of any Internet Marketing Plan.

a typical Keywords Meta Tag marketing plan budget would be $24 - $50 a month