Internet Marketing


Keyword Phrase

A keyword phrase is series of words used to advertise or search for a particular product, service or type of information in a search engine.

A keyword phrase is a set of words typed into a search engine query. Also a set of words that accurately describes the contents of a single web page or web site.

Two or more keywords combined to form a search query, such as “used homes Detroit.” Keyword phrases are often simply referred to as keywords in SEO, as one keyword phrase makes up only one possible query that could be used to optimize a web page.

A keyword phrase is also more than one Keyword, searched exactly as keyed (all terms required to be in documents, in the order keyed). Enclosing keywords in quotations " " forms a phrase in Search Engines. Some times akeyword  phrase is called a "character string."

Include keyword phrase reserach in your marketing plans toeay, they are critical to your Internet marketing success

Typical keyword phrase marketing research budget is $75 to $250 a month.