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Join Associations

Every industry, sector, geography and aligned business professions have a professional association. A smart marketer actively participates with the ones that make sense for his products and services.

One of the most outstanding benefits is to hear the common concerns of others in the same field, and even hear how they address those concerns.

Associations also allow you to find others who have specialties that your organization has no interest in performing, which could result in either outsourcing or reacting to them in a professional way.

One thing to measure before joining is where to balance being an advocate for your industry or sector with the need to concentrate on your specific business. Membership in associations may not be a direct line to the register, but they can help support you in your plans and objectives.


  • What are the local, regional and national organizations for my specific areas?

    When was the last time I attended?

  • What was my goal or objective by attending or participating? Is this in line with the group’s goals and objectives?

  • What would I individually consider an appropriate return on time and investment for membership?