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Using the Internet, a joint affiliate program is a distribution channel between a product and interested distributors, who opt in to offer a product or service in return for a commission based upon sales.

Joint Affiliate Programs can be an effective way to monetize an online site. If the distributor chooses to promote partners that make sense for his audience, he can receive a revenue stream through this.

The drawbacks are that participation with this can be common place, so that unless something truly grabs the readers attention; these can become common place and often skipped over.


  • With whom does it make the most sense for me to have a joint affiliate program?
  • What are my goals for this program? Does this goal make sense based upon how the program is structured, how my site is accessed or what I hope to accomplish?
  • What do I need to do to have an effective program?
  • Will those who come to my sites have an adverse opinion based on the promotion of a Joint Affiliate Program?


Clickbank is the worlds largest marketplace for digital products. As an affiliate, you have instant access to over 10,000 digital products covering just about every topic imaginable. Most Clickbank products offer a very generous commission, often over 50% of the sales price. This makes it possible for top affiliates to make thousands of dollars each month. The products are ranked by popularity, so you instantly know which items are hot sellers. Clickbank are known as one of the largest and most reputable affiliate programs online.

 Budget: $25 - $450 monthly


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