Public Relations


Invitation Only Events

Invitation only events are an excellent way to ensure a targeted audience. Hosting such an event puts you directly in front of the potential customers you have targeted.

Here is an example of an event. You have a new innovative golf grip for golfers everywhere. You know that golfers love new products, but are creatures of habit.

Most golfers are below average players and are always seeking a product that will improve their game. However, it is also an industry where people depend on their local pro or pro shop before they will make a change. You want to get in front of as many golfers as possible, yet want their undivided attention. You decide against annual golf shows – too much distraction. Instead, you set up events at various country clubs and public resorts in hot spots like Florida, South Carolina, etc.

You purchase lists and send out event mailers in advance. Set up a tent, provide snacks and beverages, have demos to try and grip their clubs with your grips for free if they buy a set. You will even show them how to re-grip their own if they choose.

Make it easy for them and put the product in their hands.
Your audience is as targeted as it can be.
The next time they re-grip, your product is their purchase.

How about this, a beer-tasting event with celebrities? Maybe a big dinner with beer pairings for each course? If you have entertainment, can you tie in their performance with your corporate vision or values? Can you tie in your event with your customers' goals (improve operations, increase profit - whatever they look for).

Plus people like to be part of an exclusive group. They will go out of their way to be exclusive. Use human nature as the key to inviting people to your invitation only event. You'll watch you attendance and sales soar.

Budget:  $250 - $1,000 per month