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International Marketing

Gone is the era where selling in one's hometown or area could guarantee success.

Competitive pressures from all aspects of business has resulted in increased need and desire to forge manufacturing, distribution, sales and fulfillment networks beyond our local areas. Several businesses have taken advantage of the globalization to sell in markets worldwide. 

This can be a powerful part of your distribution network.

To be successful, one should know the right ways to do things.

One wouldn't want to sign papers to fulfill orders in another country, such as Canada, and than learn that the labels on all consumer goods by law must be in both French and English. 

Action Steps 

  • Investigate options such as state or industry trade delegations or initiatives.
    These will often help get your product ready for export.
    They will have ideas and insights to help you with these goals.
    They will also have ideas about stipulations and regulations that you might have to work through.
  • Do you family or extended family in another country who would assist you?
    This allows you greater access to the culture and opportunities of your products or services.
    Plus, you may can shorten the time to build an sales and management infrastructure or the need to rely on third party consultants or vendors.