In-Store Signage

In-store signage, also known as point-of-purchase signs have be proven to induce a spur of the moment sale.

Think of all the times you walked into a store and saw a sign hanging, you didn’t go in for that product, but you needed it, so you followed the sign, grabbed the item and added 15%-200% to your purchase. 

I heard a story not log about a doctor who put signs in the lobby of hs office, in all the exam rooms. the signs said, “Flu Shots $19.97.”  30% of his patients got their flu shot then and there adding enough income for the doctor to cover his rent, payroll and a few other office expenses.

Not a bad deal for the store owner or doctor.

Also, some customers don’t want to be waited on when they first enter.
Greet them, but if they don’t want to be waited on, leave them alone for a while.
This is where signs kick in. In-store signs are silent workers.

Use in-store signs to direct people to the departments and products in which they are interested,
In-store signs will help point out features and benefits and lead to more impulse purchases.

Other uses for in-store signs

  • Use signs to suggest a related product when customers are buying a part or accessory.
  • Have in-store signs that tie in with your outside advertising—flyers, newspapers, radio.
  • Banners are good for special promotions, sales, and holiday specials.

    Now, how can add signs to grab the attention of your clients and customers to your advertsing and marketing plans?

    What can you sell them?

Budget: $250 - $1000 quarterly