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Information Products

Knowledge based products that companies send to prospects, clients and industry leaders. The intent is to educate and inform about both the qualities of a specific product or service and why yours are of a strong or competitive value.

The offer of information products can drive interested prospects to your website, categorize yourself as an expert and industry leader and position your products and services as important in your marketplace.

Brochures, special reports, e-books, short run published books, DVD’s and Audio CD’s all can be effective and provoking informational products.
Another reason to create information products is to sell them as educational tools.

People need information and if you possess that needed information, you owe it to the world to spread that information. The way to do it is to offer that information as a product or part of a service.

Search the Internet for the information you want. You’ll find may sources for that info. Some free, some paid. Many of the paid information services will speed up the information process because most of the free sources are scattered through the internet and the paid deliver what you’ll need in one source.


  • Is there information that I can share that will explain a process, clarify a buying decision, teach a way something works or differentiate what my products and services are over that of others?
  • What questions, areas of concerns or expertise would customers seek more information about, and what could I do to satisfy this?
  • What is a way to produce information based materials that can give the data that makes sense, and works with my budget?

Budget: $200 - $500 per week

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