Social Media Marketing



Influencer – A person specialized in a specific subject matter and highly recognized in an online community that has the ability to sway others’ thoughts; key influencers are seen as references or for assistance on specific subject matters. 

While many people want this, to be recognized as an influencer takes time and deliberate posts that engage rather then sell or solicit.

Too many look at social media to do what flyers and postcards did, and the results for them can be less then the traditional media.

Influencers are as much about mission and message as they are about closing sales.

Becoming an Influencer can be a lot of work and can also be very profitable. The more Influence you have the more opportunities will present themselves to you. Opportunities for joint ventures, partnerships and many other money making options.

Influence based digital marketing can lead to great success. It takes time, but sometimes can ahppen overnight.

Budget a few hours a week to influence influencers to speed up your credibility. Nothing works better than a third party influencers endorsement.

Marketing Budget: $250-500 a month