Social Media Marketing


Hyper-local community groups

Hyper-local community – A group of people from a specific location who interact in online communities and use social media tools. 

Engaging hyperlocal sites need “word of mouth”

In many cities, the best hyperlocal sites are developed by somebody, some company or group in the community.

Here in SE Michigan and metro Detroit there is Motor City Connect (MCC),, developed by a local branding company, has distinguished itself in providing compelling local content. Granted, it's self serving, but it's good for the community and connect many people together who would otherwise never meet each other.

Cities and organizations can take advantage of this hyperlocal networking and (re)develop around user groups who self identify through digital communities.

These hyperlocal sites need to be driven and organized by hubs and influencers of the local community, and these hubs need to feel invested and committed to their “city site" to succeed.

Facebook has a strong hyperlocal neighbourhood component. These Facebook groups can work powerfully with hyper or ultra local sites to cross over content and messages.

These hyperlocal sites are fantastic to market locally and you'd be smart to add them to your social media marketing plans. Post, comment and participiate and you'll be rewarded with new contacts and monitized relationship.

Budget: $75 - 150 a week