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Hot Seat

You are an expert in your field, right?

Well, here is a way to gain tremendous exposure for your company by simply sharing your knowledge with an audience who craves it.

Set up a hot seat event where you will field questions about your area of knowledge and thus the services offered by your company.

This type of event has been around for a long time, but is now becoming known by this new name, with many venues available to host such an event. You can do it alone through your website using webinars, forums or blogging, on a radio broadcast or an actual live event. Come up with a them and keep it in an educational or informational format (not a sales session).

You will then field questions and provide answers. The obvious focus is solutions to problems. The exposure you receive will drive new business to your company.

Another way to create a hot seat event is to invite a seminar attendee up on stage to sit in the hot seat. You then proceed to ask questions relating to your expertise and help that person improve his business with valuable information. Many times other attendies in the audiance will have the same problems and appreciate your expertise in sharing the information without having to be on stage. Always congratulate the hot seat attendee for his/her bravery for sharing his/her problems and being open to new ideas to improve business.

Budget: The cost of putting on a seminar: $500 - $5,000 one time,  however if marketed right your seminar can be very profitable.