Public Relations


Holiday Tie-Ins

Holidays, events and media coverage are opportunities for you to tie your business into that event.

Come up with innovative ways to tie your products/services into an upcoming holiday.

Plan on create a press release and distribute it to the local media.

With skill & luck, the media will contact you to expand on your story and publish it mentioning your products/services. Example: a CPA can create tax saving stories in March & April, before taxes are due.

An automobile dealer can talk about saving money buying just before New Years Eve. Victoria’s Secret is great at getting publicity during the beginning day of February, before Valentine’s Day, the biggest holiday for selling lingerie to men for their women.

If you don’t have a plan already, take some time now to think about how you can make the most of most holidays. Almost any business can find some way to tie in with the holidays. Holiday specials, advertising plans, client gifts, newsletter topics, charity events and even holiday cards are just some of the ways you can capitalize on the season.

How can you tie-in holiday and events to your business? There is some holiday, event or major news announcement everyday of the year.

What events can you use to market your business?

Budget: $250 - $1,000 per month