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Hand Written Notes

What happens when you get a personal handwritten letter from someone? Heck, when is the last time you got one? Think of the immediate positive thoughts and feelings that were generated as you read the words.

The next time you see or speak to that person, doesn't that personal note, or personal card immediately come to your mind? Aren't you more likely to speak well of that person? More apt to help them when they ask?

Ever heard of a guy named Joe Girard? He is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the #1 Salesman in the World for 12 consecutive years. 

One of his key ingredients? Personal notes, cards, postcards, and letters.

Go to this link for a quick read on Joe:

Here's the habit: Every business day for the next year send out a minimum of 3 personal notes or cards to your customer database, prospects, COI's (centers of influence). Send out birthday cards, anniversary cards, graduations cards, new baby cards, ANYTHING. DO NOT SEND COMPANY SALES PIECES. If you are a manager, make it a contest among your team to see who can send out the most personal correspondence. 
Here's another tidbit, when you are leaving a sales call, or interview, or customer prospect meeting, fill out a thank you card that minute! Drive to the nearest mailbox, and drop it in.

MAKE IT PERSONAL! Hand written. Lick a real stamp!

Do this before you start getting sucked into the multitasking insanity of your day, or you will never get this done. Try it, and watch your opportunities, activities, and ultimately your sales grow!

Budget: $10 - $50 per week

By Darren Corder- 302-547-2131