A guarantee is an assurance of the quality of or of the length of use to be expected from a product offered for sale often with a promise of reimbursement.

A guarantee is your risk-relief device that allows your client or customer to get his money back should he be dissatisfied with your products/services.

A guarantee removes most of the risk of doing business with you.

One of the reasons people don't buy from you is because you haven't removed the perceived risk they believe they are taking in purchasing your product or service.
These risks include:

  1. Making the wrong decision
  2. Losing money
  3. Not receiving what they paid for
  4. Not being satisfied and then not being able to recoup their investment.

There are a number of risks that people must get over to purchase your product or service.

One strategy to overcome these risks is to offer a rock solid guarantee that will make their purchase risk free, or at least decrease the risk as much as possible.

The stronger and longer your guarantee, the more sales you will profit from..

Guarantees come in many flavors. Short (30 day) or long (30 years or forever).

They could be condition or unconditional (you do this, provide proof, it didn’t work, you get your money back). Or your guarantee could be double your money back. Your guarantee removes the risk of doing business with you.

And guarantees provide more benefits than disadvantages.

Statistics show that a great majority of your customers will not opt for a refund because of what they feel is a rather complicated process involved.

Your guarantee can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Sadly, the vast majority of businesses just don't want to place a strong guarantee on their product or service. They're too afraid too many people will take advantage of the guarantee. It's a pity.

The term "limited warranty" is combative—an oxymoron dreamed up by frightened lawyers covering the asses of their insecure clients. Either you offer a warranty, or you don’t.

If you see the term "limited warranty," the real message is, "You’re taking one hell of a chance doing business with us!"

Develop a strong as possible guarantee and test it.
If it doesn't work for you...at least you gave it a shot.

I "guarantee" that it will work for you and you'll start winning more customers with higher profitablilty.

What guarantees are you offering and are they part of your marketing plans.