Social Media Marketing



Groups are collections of individuals with some sense of unity through their activities, interests or values.

They are bounded: you are in a group, or not.
They differ in this from networks, which are dispersed, and defined by nodes and connections.

Email lists and forums sit easily with bounded groups, blogs with networks - although the match with tools is not entirely clear-cut. A group may use a blog, and an email list may serve a network.

A group may be big ot small. Cover any topic you can think of.

Groups are everywhere. Simply search groups and you get 836,000,000 results.
With that many result, don't you think it makes sense to join the groups that need your products, services and ideas?

Don't you think you sould add joining groups and posting in groups as part of your social media advertsing and marketing plan?

Budget 3-5 hours a week to post and leave comments, alll with links leading back to your Website or blog.

Budget: $150 - 350 a week