Gas Station Advertising

Here's a sneaky idea.

Whenever you pull in to a gas station and stop to get gas, use this free guerilla gas station advertising tactic.

Simply put a handful of business cards, promotional cards into a self stick card holder, peel off the backing and slap it onto the pump.

Gas station advertising is at eye level for maximum impact.
Your advertising is 2 feet in front of the consumer and there is no clutter as your ad is the only one on the pump.

Now whoever follows you at that pump has nothing else to do but check out the stuff on and around the pumpng station.

Bingo, they take your card and who knows, they may actually need your products, services or idea.

Is this simple idea easy enough to add to your marketing plans and mix.

Budget: $75 one time

Gas pump advertising is a hybrid of of outdoor and place-based media and can be targeted to reach specific geographic or demographic areas - or used for market-wide coverage.

Gas Pump Billboard Advertising is an Alternative Advertising medium that uses non-traditional ways to promote your product or service. As thousands of motorist fuel their vehicles every day they only have two choices, either stare at the numbers slowly adding up your fuel bill or look at the colorful advertisement atop the pump.