Public Relations



Just like Special Events, fundraisers are a great way to make a positive impact – on your team, in your community, with your customers and with your vendors. Pick one – or better yet, let your team pick one.

Here is an example: February is breast cancer awareness month. Have a bowl-a-thon to support breast cancer research. Work with the local bowling alley to set up an all-night event. Work with local media outlets to advertise for teams.

Have a contest for the best pink shirts. Give away prizes for the highest and lowest scores. Have local TV and Radio stations cover the event. There is no end to the things you can come up with. It is tons of fun, you are doing something very worthwhile, your company/team will love it and the rewards are too numerous to mention. Go for it!

Plan in adding fundraising to your marketing plans. They bring more goodwill to your business than you could generate almost any other way.

Budget: $100 - $350 a month