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Friends, on social networking sites, is the term used for contacts whose profile you link to in your profile.

On some sites people have to accept the link, in several others, they do not.

In a marketing context, it is considered best practice to connect to those people who you have logical recourse with whom to connect.

A photographer would benefit from connecting with ad agency art directors, photo editors who hire freelancers, and office managers who hire for professional portraits.

You'll get all sorts of people asking to be friends. But it is important that you learn to classify them as followers, friends, or family because you’ll need to know who’ll be there to back you up in the end.

Here are 3 different classificatons of audiences you’ll be getting:

  • Followers are the people who come to your site a lot. Some of them leave comments, some don’t.
  • Friends are the people who come to your site to post their two cents worth of ideas
  • Family are people who you’re sure to hang around with you no matter what happens to the site.

Some people make the mistake of  accepting anybody and everybody who clicks the add as friend button in hopes of building a bigger list of friends. A lot of people do this under the misconception that having a mile-long list of strangers in the network makes them popular. It has it's purposes for marketing but can be a management headach.

Don't make the mistake thinking online friends are real-life friends. Someday they can move into that level, but it wouldn’t be right to assume that they’re immediately real-life friends just because they have hooked up with you on the Internet.

So, what kind of people do you keep on your social media circle: Followers? Friends? Family?

Adding friends, followers (twitter) and connections (LinkedIn) to your SMM marketing plans makes a lot of sense if you are marketing most products, services or ideas.

Budget about 1-2 hour a week to adding friends to your growing list
$25 - 100 a week

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