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Get FriendFeed Working For You

by Sean Rasmussen on September 1, 2009

With Facebook’s recent acquisition of the microblogging social site, FriendFeed, it may be the perfect time to start thinking about adding FriendFeed to your arsenal of online social media marketing tools.

This new takeover may well be the biggest threat to Twitter, so why not jump on board now and get a good foothold in the Friendfeed community.

What’s So Special About FriendFeed?

One thing that makes FriendFeed different from Twitter is its ability to function more as an aggregation site for information than merely a platform for updating the world on what you’re currently doing.

In fact, some refer to the site as a “recommendation engine”. This is because the feeds are all linked to content recommended by others in the community. This adds a valuable peer approval aspect to these micro-blogs – and a great way to drive traffic to a company website.

Where Twitter falls short is the fact that threads related to a conversation usually only appear to reciprocal followers. Even with the # function on Twitter, following particular conversations is not very transparent. You have to scroll through the updates of all your followers in order to find a particular thread that may or may not be linked elsewhere.

FriendFeed uses the same type of format Facebook does, it includes all threads related to a particular conversation below the original post and FriendFeed members are known for being very good at adding comments to posts.

You can also use FriendFeed as a device for monitoring your brand. Its advanced search options allow you to easily find posts and comments with your brand name – and find out what consumers really think of your company. This type of business intelligence data is very valuable!

Leveraging Content

Because FriendFeed posts pull content from other sites without your intervention , it is a great way to leverage a particular marketing piece. Twitter is the number one source, so if you’ve already built up a good following on that site, you can leverage that popularity on FriendFeed, particularly if you designate the same user name at each site.

Most users connect their FriendFeed account to their Twitter account and at least half of them connect to their Facebook account. You can also link your blog posts to FriendFeed. This could be a very effective form of viral marketing for your blog.

Friendfeed Rooms

FriendFeed rooms are a great place to start a conversation with a number of other users. Rooms are a very popular place on the site and attract quite a bit of commenting. Use a room to begin a topic related to your business and it will most likely result in further interest. FriendFeed works well for promotion because of its content – and the ability of its users to influence other members.

As with any other type of social marketing, you will gain the most benefit from FriendFeed by being a regular contributor and reading other’s content. The “like” feature allows you to add your stamp of approval to anyone’s posts, the law of reciprocity states you reap what you sow means you can create a lot of buzz for your own content as well.

In terms of working smarter instead of harder, this tool helps you bookmark almost anything you do online socially without your having to manually do submissions.

Have a most outstanding day.

Sean Rasmussen
Aussie Internet Marketing 2009