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Free Tours

Free Tours:

This type of promotion is where you are offering a potential client a ‘peek’ at your product to create a level of interest that encourages them to go to the next level – whether that includes a purchase or a commitment to purchase.

Many manufactures offer tours of their plants. In my town, you can take a tour of the Ford Rouge assembly plant. In fact, Ford promotes it's tours in many of local tour guides for things to do in the area. It's great PR for Ford and educational for the folks that take the tour.

Another great example of free tours is a web site that offers products or services and gives the consumer the ability to see the product or portions thereof, but cannot fully utilize until a purchase is made.

For instance, a company that provides images to use for marketing and promotion purposes will allow you to see their products with a watermark across them. You cannot download the image until you purchase a subscription to do so. However, you need to take a tour of their products before you will make the purchase decision.

Many businesses would be wise to add free tours to their PR and marketing plans.
Tours can be low cost when run on the Internet.

Budget: $100 - $2,500 monthly