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Free Seminars

Free Seminars:

Certain products, services and ideas can best be promoted through a demonstration in a group setting.

The idea is that you are providing information about how to use your product to a group of potential customers, focusing on benefits, value and how it can improve their lives.

Typically, this method involves a product or service which requires explanation or training in order to utilize correctly and receive full benefit.

A great example is the latest phenomenon of social marketing. If your product is a service that can help companies market their products through social marketing techniques, a free seminar may be the perfect way to get the word out.

Part of the seminar is educational, such as explaining this new method or industry. This provides additional benefit to the customer. You then plan on showing how to apply this technique to increase their revenue and bottom line.

The biggest drawback to seminar marketing, of course, is that even the smallest event can take huge amounts of effort to organize. The planning is ongoing and seems endless--promotion, logistics, scripting, rehearsals, budgets, registrations, audio-visual equipment, menus. Worse, a few glitches can make a company look (and feel) like the a bunch of Bozo's.

Plan Free Seminars carefully and they can be a huge success paying for themselves many times over.

Budget: $500 - $3,500 per month