Public Relations


Free Demonstration

Free Demonstrations are a great way to sell your product, whether you are selling on the internet, through a retail outlet, door to door or any other method.

There is always a way to set up a demo for your new product.

Your goal is to show your product to the consumer directly and demonstrate the value and benefit it will provide for them.

What does it do, how does it do it and what is in it for the customer.

You can set up free demos at shows or events on a local, regional or national scale. Do some research on relevant shows or events where your product or service would reach your target audience.

You will need display equipment to advertise your product and knowledgeable people (if it isn’t you) to demo your product. If your product is in retail locations, you can set up near or actually in the store to capture potential buyers.

A great example is Costco, They offer many different product demos. Everything from food samples to piano demos to videos running on a loop.

Many online info product sellers offer, a few chapters of their book or program as a taste of what you will get ordering the complete packages.

Budget: $500 - $2,500 per month