Public Relations


Free Consultations

Free Consultation is a great tactic for service businesses, such as attorneys, marketers, CPA’s, etc. We are all the same – we don’t want to commit to anything unless we have a solid comfort level that our expectations will be met or exceeded and the right price. Choosing an attorney or CPA is a major decision, as an example.

The ability to sit down with these professionals and ask questions, explain your expectations and hear what they can offer you, without charging a fee, is simply a good business practice – for you as the consumer and them as the paid professional.

In today’s business climate, professionals who offer a service simply must have a policy of free consultations to compete in the marketplace.

And, in many cases, a client will tell you a lot of information and not want to keep teiing the same information over and over to many professionals.

Simply plan on offering a free hour of consultation to help future clients make a decision to hire you and your business.

Budget: $250 - $1,000 per week