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E-Zine Ads

Just about every ezine accepts advertising from third parties.

By mixing a few paid ads in with their content, website owners can use e-zines ads to offset the cost of operating an website, ezine and open up an additional stream of revenue. You can place an ad for your website, product, or service in various ezines. If you do it right thousands or millions of people will see your ad and click on the link to your site.

Just think about what all then new traffic can do for your business. You'll want to place your ads in ezines that are tightly targeted toward your specific niche.

Think about it. If your site is about marketing small business, would you be better off placing an ad in an ezine that was about helping small business or just business in general?

Obviously the one that is closest to your own topic will provide the most ROI. Like most things in marketing, prices will vary wildly from one ezine to another depending on the niche and the number of subscribers.

But there are also different prices based on where your ad is placed within the ezine itself.

Many ezines contain many different ads. They may have one ad on top, another in the middle of the content, and another at the bottom. Prices can vary from one to another. From location to locatio>

How will you include ezine advertsing to market your business in your future marketing plans.

Budget:  $25 - $500 a month for ezine advertsing added your marketing plans

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